Monday, March 7, 2011

16 Months!!!

I am about a week and a half late on posting this but Owen is now 16 months old! He is still a man of very few words but he is able to communicate his wants and needs. We have noticed in the past several days that he has been trying to imitate most of the words we say. I know it won't be long before he is stringing words together and has a word for everything! Owen loves to be outdoors exploring the world. In fact, I have noticed that when he is outside he is very interested in what is around him. He points at things trying to discover what they are, what sounds they make and what they do. He loves airplanes and loves to wave good bye to each one that passes by our house (Ryan did the same thing when he was smaller too).

Owen has started to become a little more particular on what he will and will not eat. He still eats pretty much anything he can get his hands on but he has made it clear that he does not like broccoli, popsicles (I think they are a little too cold for him..haha) and beef.

Owen has started to transition from 2 naps to 1 nap a day. Most days he will only nap once from about 12-3. If we have an errand to run though he often will cat nap in the car and take a shorter nap in the afternoon. Owen is now wearing almost all 24 month clothing, a size 6.5W shoe and size 4 or 5 diapers. He is not a fan of brushing his teeth -- of which we are now up to 8! He has the 2 on bottom in the middle, the top 4 and then 2 molars on top.

One of my favorite memories from this month has been watching Ryan and Owen interact. Every night before bed I rock Owen for a few minutes. In the past month or so it has become a family event. Jeff brings the boys to the chair, I hop in then he helps the boys get situated in my lap. Then Ryan instructs Jeff to leave and turn the light off. We listen to classical music and sit and rock for a few minutes. The boys usually do something sweet or silly like hold hands (the first time they did this they thought it was hilarious) or play games with Owen's paci. Those few minutes spent in that rocking chair have quickly become my favorite time of day. I also find myself wondering how long we will be able to do this with my growing belly and how on earth I will be able to fit another child into that chair with me!

Happy 16 month birthday, Owen!!! Here's your first goose-egg!

At a friend's birthday party. Owen thought he was so big and sat with all the other 3 year-olds waiting for his pizza and cake!

and because EVERYONE has been telling me how much R & O look alike here is a comparison of my sweet little Ryan at 16 months! My oh my how fast he has grown.

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