Monday, July 12, 2010

Toy Story 3!

Last week Jeff took Ryan to see his first movie on the big screen! Ryan got to see his favorite characters --- Woody, Buzz and the gang! I was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to go with them to see the movie and to be with Ryan at his first big movie, but I was happy that they had a fun father-son activity!

Jeff said that Ryan did a great job sitting still in his seat throughout the movie. He didn't get scared but did let out a few "oh No!" and "wow!"s.

I took Ryan to another movie last week with his friends. They do free movies here on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. The movie was Horton Hears a Who and Ryan had zero interest in it. He was disappointed that Buzz and Woody weren't on the big screen and kept asking me where they were. :)

Jeff and Ryan went to a theatre and found out that TS3 was sold out. I quickly got on the computer, found another theatre and bought tickets in advance for the guys so they could make it to see the show. Thank goodness for technology!

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