Tuesday, July 27, 2010

9 Months Old

Owen Andrew is 9 months old! My baby is growing so fast and this month he really changed a whole lot! We went for Owen's 9 month checkup yesterday and found out that he weighs 20lbs 8oz (Ryan was 21lbs 7oz at 9 mo) and he is almost 29inches (Ryan was 28.5). Owen has consistently been measuring longer and lighter than Ryan was at the same age.

Owen't personality has really started to shine. He is such a laid-back baby. He squeals with excitement anytime he sees me walk into the room. He babbles all the time, mostly dadaddada sounds but he does say other stuff too. He has started crawling and pulls up on everything around. He has even started holding onto the furniture and walking around it. A few times I have caught him totally letting go of whatever he has used to pull up on and standing on his own for a few seconds! He loves food and prefers anything that he can feed himself. He will crawl as fast as he can across the room if he even thinks there might be food on the other side of the room. :)

In other huge news, Owen has started sleeping through the night! For one week solid we have been getting a full night of sleep!!!! WOOHOO!

At 9 months, Owen still wears a size 3 diaper and pretty much 12 month size clothing, although a few 9 month things still fit him. His hair keeps getting lighter and lighter every single day it seems. There are no teeth in sight yet, but I am not really expecting them for a while since I got teeth really late and so did Ryan.

So cute --- who do you think Owen favors???

Always on the move

Checking things out outside

Stand up

Sit down

Focused on that food! Getting it from the high chair tray to his mouth requires a lot of concentration!

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Penni said...

I think he favors Ryan a bunch!!