Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training...

So I hesitate to post this on here because I am afraid that it will jinx everything but potty training is in full swing around here.

For the past few weeks Ryan has been asking us to change his diaper all the time. Probably the minute he made a pee pee in the diaper he would start asking us to change it. Last week Ryan started taking off his pants and diaper and Friday morning he did so and then ran into the bathroom and went potty all on his own. So I decided that maybe he was ready. We ran to Target, bought big boy underpants (Ryan picked them out) some pull-ups to use at naptime and some special stickers for rewards.

Saturday we started potty training. I had read nothing about potty training so I hopped on the computer to look up a few helpful tips. We decided to go with a naked method. Ryan runs around the house naked and we just wear training pants when we go out. Actually - he prefers the underwear with Mickey or Buzz Lightyear so we usually wear those.

He has only asked to wear a diaper once, and that was on day 2. We let him wear it because I am NOT pushing the potty at all. I want it to be on his terms and quite frankly, I wasn't actually planning to train him until after our big trip to Disney. The whole time he was wearing the diaper he was asking to get it changed. He has not asked for one since.
So far our outings have been accident free! YAY!!! Ryan had a great day 3 of potty training with only 1 accident all day and so far day 4 is going fantastic!

He loves his privacy and will shut the door to do his business. Funny, he has more privacy than I do around here.

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