Friday, July 30, 2010

Favorite Things

It has been a while since my last favorite things post.

We will start with Ryan's favorite things ---
1. Public Restrooms - who knew that public potties could be so fascinating?!
2. Toy Story although lately he has been asking for Cars (even more than Toy Story).
3. His blanket and paci - luckily they stay in the bed.
4. Waffles and fries and chick-nuggs (if you ask him what he wants to eat he will say one of these two items every single time. If you say no to the waffles he immediately asks for fries)
5. Talking - he does not stop.
6. The van - he gets so excited to ride in the van. It is one of the first things he asks to do each day.
7. "Teet" which is actually Iced Tea, he just adds in an extra t to the end and it makes me laugh. You could put just a splash of tea into his water cup and he is the happiest camper in the world talking about his delicious, refreshing teet. (yes, he says delicious and refreshing) :)

Owen's favorite things
1. Avent paci - The child refused a pacifier for the first 6 or 7 months of his life. He was a thumb and finger sucker though. I was trying to find something as an alternative because a paci is a little easier to take away than a thumb. We tried every paci out there with no luck. Then a friend recommended the Avent. The thing rarely leaves Owen's mouth. He is addicted.
2. Food - anything he can feed himself or anything that resembles something he could possibly eat. Everything goes straight into the mouth.
3. Standing up - he cries when he sits down or loses his balance, he likes being vertical.
4. Water bottles, paper, plastic grocery bags, pretty much anything that makes noise and is not a traditional "toy". Don't even know why exactly we have any baby toys in this house.
5. Anything that Ryan has (food, toothbrush, train, block, toy).
6. Cheerios - he pounds them down by the fist-full. I think he could devour an entire big box in one day if I allowed him to.
7. Rocking to sleep - I started a bad habit about a month or so ago that we are now trying to break.

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