Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Owen's First Concert!

Saturday night we ventured right down the street to an outdoor concert and fireworks show. We knew that it could go really great or really bad considering we were pushing the kiddos way past their normal bed time and the fact that fireworks are loud! The boys both had a great time. Ryan loved dancing and running around all over the place. He got a few glow sticks and was having a blast. Owen loved the music and enjoyed people watching. He was not bothered one bit by the fireworks, he just sat watching them in awe. He stayed awake and happy until we got into the car and he immediately passed out.

May not be the best picture ever, but at least all 3 of us are looking at the camera!

Ryan has started a little dance routine, clap, snap and bust a move --- it is too cute!

Glow sticks!!

I was really looking forward to trying to take pictures of the fireworks this year. I even brought along my tripod. I was able to take two pictures before Ryan got a little scared and wanted to sit in my lap. Maybe next year I will get to take more pics!

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