Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello October!!!!

I can't believe that it is October!!! Since moving to Virginia, October has become one of my favorite months out of the entire year. The weather is gorgeous, the leaves are changing, fall is in the air, I fill my house with the most lovely scents for fall, our windows can stay open most of the month, so many fun family things to do --- apple picking, pumpkin patches, hayrides, Jeff's birthday, Halloween parties, and this year OUR BABY!!!! YAY!!

This month is going to be such a busy month for our family. We have so many fun things on the calendar (I just hope that I feel up to doing them all). Hopefully I can keep up with all the blogging. :) We are anxiously counting down the days to B2's arrival. We are looking forward to having some wonderful people here to help us out after he gets here as well.

Oh --- and Jeff and I are 99% decided on baby boy's name!

Speaking of B2 --- yesterday I had an appointment with my specialist and an ultrasound. B2 currently weighs 6lbs 5oz and they expect that he will likely gain about 2 more pounds! He looks great --- so great that I don't have to go back!! That is great news. With Ryan I went back to the specialist once a week. It was kind of a pain going to a specialist and my regular doctor because I was at the doctor's office at least 2 times per week. Since Ryan was born healthy and this baby has looked good for so long now, they only want to see us again if there are any problems. :)

Happy Fall & looking forward to one VERY exciting month!!!!!

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