Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting the hang of it...

Ryan is becoming quite the talker. He loves to point out everything and tell us what it is. In the mornings if I go to get him out of his crib he will ask for Daddy. If Jeff gets him up he will ask for Mama. Ryan is the happiest when we are all three together. He runs around touching Jeff and saying Daddy then pointing to his own chest and saying "Nyan" or "Meee" then pointing to me and saying Mama.

We have been trying really hard to get him to use his words when he is upset so that he can tell us what it is that he wants. He is getting much better. Yesterday morning he wanted more to eat. He says to Jeff, "daddy ma (more) waffle peas (please)". How could we deny that sweet little voice? Today he says "mama bapple (apple) mmmm tasty" It is just the cutest thing!!!

Our little boy is growing up and learning so fast! :)

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Penni said...

I am so proud that he is already making sentences. That is awesome.