Friday, September 23, 2011

Painting Fun

This week was the first week I didn't have help when taking Big Brother to school.  It has been a little challenging getting Little Brother to actually leave the classroom when it is time to go.  He actually sprints in the door as fast as possible to gain a couple of extra minutes of play time.  I wasn't planning to send him to school for two more years but I think we may have to send him next Fall anyway.  

This week one of the activities at the tables was painting with a Matchbox car.  I knew that this was something that Little Brother would love to do so I put the idea away for a rainy day.  Well -- we have had a ton of rainy days here lately so we had time this week to work on this project.  It kept Little Brother's attention for about 40 minutes.  He made at least 6 paintings.  Easy and fun little rainy day activity.  :) 

lots of fun until he decided to taste the paint.  yick.  thankfully it was non-toxic!!

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