Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It has to be healthy, it's a salad..

I think I have mentioned before that I have a slight addiction to Pinterest.  My primary interest there is drooling over fabulous looking recipes and photos of food/desserts.  I think I may gain a few pounds every time I look at the site.  If you value your figure then stay away from the food (especially those deliciously evil desserts) on Pinterest.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a "Snickers Salad".  The woman who posted the recipe described it as similar to a caramel apple and I was hooked.  See, I haven't had a caramel apple since before I got braces (umm that would be pre-8th grade folks).  The day I got my braces on I told my mom that my big treat after they were off would be to indulge in a caramel dipped apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  For some reason it never happened.  In the ummm 15 or so years that have passed since my braces were removed I have walked past the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory numerous times and always admired those delicious looking apples.  I never have purchased one for a multitude of reasons.  I think next time I visit my Mom that she should treat me to one! --- Now back to the salad --- When I discovered it consisted of only 3 ingredients, apple, a Snickers bar and Cool Whip, I knew I had to try it.  With Big Brother's peanut allergy and the fact that I am trying to avoid nuts while nursing, I decided to substitute a Milky Way in place of the Snickers.

Snickers Salad (or Milky Way if you are like me) -- try it, you won't be sorry!!!

1 apple diced into bite sized pieces - you should try to use Granny Smith but I only had Gala in my house and I was desperate for a sweet treat!
1/2 milky way bar chopped into pieces (refrigerate it for ease of cutting)
1 heaping spoon-full of cool whip

Mix ingredients into a bowl and enjoy.  This served one, just me.  I am sure you could share it if you wanted but I did not.

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