Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sick, sick, sick...

I am so tired of someone in this house being sick! It seems like the day we all get well that someone gets some illness again and it slowly gets to each and every one of us. About 3 weeks ago Ryan started with a runny nose..a few days later Owen had one too. A few days after that I was dealing with a terrible cold, fever and all. The next day it hit Jeff. Jeff and I got better and the boys kept holding onto their runny noses. It seemed like some days they were good and the next day the nose was back to running again. So fast forward to Monday morning and I notice Ryan has goop in his eye. I cleaned his eye only for it to return in 30 minutes. My first thought was pink eye. Made him a doctor appointment and got a prescription for eye drops. :( Monday night Ryan spikes a fever. Tuesday Ryan continues with the fever and it gets higher (of course not until the doctor's office is closed). As I am putting Owen to bed I notice green goo in one of his eyes --- great! Wednesday morning both boys are diagnosed with double ear infections and obviously both have pink eye. Sleep has been laughable lately -- both kids are up multiple times at night (it doesn't help that Owen is also cutting molars). I am hoping that with their new antibiotics and eye drops that they are happy and sleeping through the night again in no time!! I am tired of being cooped up inside. I am tired of Lysol and Clorox wipes (at least on the scale with which they have been used lately).

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