Wednesday, January 26, 2011

15 Months!

Owen is 15 months old!! He is growing so fast. It seems like everywhere we go now people ask me if the boys are twins. I guess, well I know that Owen is big for his age. We went to the doctor today and found out that Owen is 27 pounds!!! The child knows how to eat! We go for his official 15 month appointment next week so we will have full stats at that time.

Owen is trying really hard to talk! He knows and understands a lot of what we say. So far he is actually a really good listener as well. He just doesn't have a whole lot of actual words in his vocabulary yet. He loves to say Go, Up, duce (juice - this really means any drink), ball (which comes out more like baaaa) and more. He knows what sound almost every animal makes and he knows several body parts as well (nose, mouth, ear, tummy, toes).

Owen is up to 7 teeth now. He absolutely hates getting his diaper changed. He likes to be held. He loves to be rocked at night. On nights when I am not home to rock him I think he wakes up on purpose just to get his extra snuggle time in. Tonight for instance -- Jeff worked late so I didn't have time to rock Owen like I normally would. About an hour after he went to sleep he woke up crying. I went in there rocked him for 10 minutes and he was ready to go to bed. He loves his cuddle time!

What better way to celebrate turning 15 months old than by getting pink eye and a double ear infection?!?! This was Owen's first time to ever go to the doctor for being sick so I think he has had a great run! Thank the Lord!!!

Owen is also starting to transition from two naps to just one. I actually have mixed feelings about it. Right now the morning nap time is my getting ready/alone time with Ryan. Once Owen is no longer napping then we can do things in the morning. With only one nap -- Owen barely makes it to 11:45 and Ryan doesn't go down until 1 so there isn't as much overlap of their naps. Right now they both nap at the same time in the afternoon which allows me some much needed alone time.

Example of a 1 nap day. By 11 he needs his paci or he is not happy..

Starts getting very, very sleepy while I am preparing lunch -- which never happens otherwise! He LOVES to eat!

Often only eats a couple of bites and then he is all done and ready to go to bed. This day I let him stay in the chair for a total of 3 minutes and he was out.

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