Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to Potty Train in 180 Days

It all started in July when Ryan told me he was sorry that he went poopy in his diaper. When I took off his diaper and he literally ran across the house to the nearest bathroom, hopped up on the potty and went. I decided that day that maybe he was ready to be potty trained. I didn't realize that Jeff and I would also have to be equally ready. We were also planning a couple of big vacations and long car rides and well -- one of the things I didn't want to do was stop every 20 minutes for someone to go potty.

Ryan did great with potty training for a few weeks. Then he started to have accidents. They got to be more and more frequent so I put him in pull ups. Really I think pull-ups are probably the worst thing ever to do for a kid that is potty training. Why? Because they are a diaper and it really doesn't bother most kids to pee in a diaper. So we had major regression and since we were going to the beach, then school was starting, then we were going to Disney, I decided we would just wait a while and start again.

So Christmas break was the time to start Ryan's second round of potty training. Due to a little snow we had an extra long Christmas break. He was a pro at going potty, except when he was wearing underwear or a pull-up. I knew that he just needed to learn that no matter what every time you need to go, it goes in the potty. In a few days Ryan had it down!

I hesitate to say this for fear that we might have another issue with regression but Ryan has been in big boy underwear for over a month now! YAY Ryan! I am so proud of you!!! He still likes some type of random treat after he goes potty. Owen still claps and says yay for Ryan every time Ryan goes potty. I love it and think it is adorable.

Lesson learned that in order to successfully potty train a child --- everyone, including the parents have to be 100% ready and pull-ups, well, those are just a waste of money. :)

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