Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in Review

Here's a quick summary of 2010. What a wonderful year it was!!!

January - I don't remember much about January really because it was cold. Very cold and there was snow on the ground and I didn't get out a whole lot because it was no fun going anywhere in the cold with a newborn and an almost 2 year old. I think we went to Target a good bit, sad, I know.

With all that cold weather, I had plenty of time to work on my photography. There were almost daily photo sessions.

We went to a couple of parties..

Decorated cookies at Panera Bread

and I finally got a few pictures of both boys looking at me together.

February - by far my least favorite month of the year. On February 5th we were hit with a record snowfall. A few days later even more of the snow came. We spent the majority of the month stuck indoors.

No really, it was a lot of snow (this is a little mountain we had from digging one of our cars out of 30+ inches of snow.

But I got some new photography equipment and resumed the daily shoots...and prayed for the 28 days of February to go a little faster.

March - YAY the weather warmed up and the snow melted away day by day!!! I had a birthday and spent it with the most wonderful men in the world. Ryan turned 2 years old. We got to finally get outside and play without our snow gear on! We discovered that Ryan has a peanut allergy after he had a very scary reaction!!! We made our first trip to Texas with Owen.
The boys met the Easter Bunny

I got to play with this cutie and watch his personality develop

Ryan tried out his birthday gift!

April - We spent the first couple of weeks of April in Texas visiting with our friends and family and introducing Owen to all of his relatives. When we got back to VA the weather was perfect! We spent lots of time outdoors, had plenty of picnics and decided it was time to officially start working on my photography business.

Relaxing in Texas!

Boys meeting a very special lady, Great-great Aunt Doe

One of my favorite images of Owen, ever.

May - We had a visit from my Mom, got some really warm weather, went strawberry picking, got out our pool, Owen started solid foods, went and played with big trucks and much, much more.

Another favorite of my 6 month old cutie pie!

Owen's First Swim

Totally Trucks 2010

A rare moment where Ryan actually looked at the camera and smiled.

June - Jeff and I celebrated our 8th anniversary, we spent lots and lots of time outside playing in the water, playing at the playground and going to the pool. Ryan helped me pick strawberries that we grew ourselves.

The boys on Father's Day!

Ryan enjoying one of many pieces of watermelon he consumed over summer.

Owen was still totally content to pose for the camera just about anytime!

July - Owen finally started sleeping through the night and he started crawling! We went to a couple of fireworks shows and Ryan loved them! Ryan went to his very first movie in the theater (Toy Story 3 with Daddy). Ryan decided he was ready to start potty training. I was super busy with my photography business!

Ryan and his friend Libby -- both potty training at the same time!

Another one of Mommy's photo shoots with the boys.

Another favorite of Owen.

Beating the heat by watering the plants in nothing more than Mickey undies and Crocs.

Ryan on the way to his first movie, Toy Story 3.

August - I must have been really busy because I only blogged 4 times and those were mostly -- I'm way behind and way busy posts. ha! Ryan decided that maybe he wasn't so ready for potty training after all and we took a family vacation to the Outer Banks in NC. We took a trip to PA to visit the Strausburg Railroad and we went on several family picnics and park playdates. We also booked our Disney vacation and started a countdown to see Mickey!

Having a blast on the beach!

Family time at the park.

Riding the railroad!

September - Ryan got rid of the paci, turned 2.5, started preschool AND went to a big boy bed all in the first couple of weeks of the month! Owen started pulling up on everything in sight and cruising around the furniture. We went apple picking. Owen got his first tooth.

Ryan in his big boy bed. He was so excited about it and has done very well in his bed from the first day!

Ryan's first day of school!!!!

Picking apples with daddy.

Owen showing off his talents by standing and drawing at 10 months of age.

October - What a busy month. We spent the first week of the month with Nana and Papa in Disney World! Then Jeff had a birthday, Grammy came to visit, Owen took his first steps, we celebrated Owen's birthday and then had lots of Halloween festivities! We watched as the Texas Rangers made it all the way to the World Series for the first time ever!

Birthday boy!!!

Happy Halloween!

Ryan with one of his favorite people in the world, on one of his favorite rides at Disney, Dumbo!

November - We enjoyed lots of very nice days and lots of time at the playground. I had a ton of photo sessions and when I did have free time we would stage our own sessions to try for the perfect family picture for our Christmas card. We celebrated Thanksgiving with some good friends of ours!

My little boys humoring their mom on yet another photo session.

Silly boy loves his Woody jammies.

Me and two of the people that I am most thankful for in this world on Thanksgiving day.

December - I took the entire month off from photo sessions. Then was able to re-evaluate and decide once and for all what to do with my business. Ryan decided he was ready to potty train again, no looking back this time! We had lots of fun with holiday activities. Nana and Papa came to visit us! Owen had the stomach flu, I had the stomach flu, more holiday fun, Jeff's work Christmas party, snow, lots of freezing cold weather, hot chocolate, wrapping Christmas gifts, driving around looking at all of the beautiful Christmas lights, talking about the REAL meaning of Christmas, celebrating Christmas, celebrating the new year and making goals for 2011! What a fantastic year 2010 was...looking forward to all that 2011 brings our way!

I don't think he liked the snow one bit.

The boys had their first experience with the Santa at the mall. They had met Santa before but never at the mall.

Christmas morning fun!

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