Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas

This Christmas we decided to make a last-minute trip to Texas. Unfortunately just before we were to leave (the little ones and me were flying ahead of Jeff by a few days) I came down with a horrible case of the stomach flu. It was pretty much too late to rebook another Christmas flight so we will be making a trip to visit our families sometime this year.

Even though our plans were different from what we had hoped, our Christmas was absolutely perfect. We spent the entire day relaxing and playing with all of the boys' new toys. They took their time and while we started with the Santa gifts at 6am -- there were still unwrapped presents under the tree at 11:30 in the morning!

I just woke up...what is going on here and where is my breakfast?

Checking out the trampoline...

Took the gifts one at a time and everything had to come out of its box and get played with before we could move on to the next gift..

Thanks Nana and Papa!

The funny thing about this is that now Ryan always wants to sit in the "red" chair and Owen goes for Ryan's blue chair...too funny.

A great toy to share..

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