Monday, December 7, 2009


As I mentioned before on Saturday it snowed the entire day. It was our first wintery weather of the season and the first snow that Ryan probably remembers. We decided that we would see Santa in the morning, take naps then play in the snow in the afternoon. Well--- Ryan had other ideas. He was excited about the snow and refused to nap. He preferred sitting by the windows and watching the snow come down.

I was NOT prepared for winter. I had a coat for Ryan but it was not appropriate for snowy/wet conditions. So I pulled out Ryan's coat from last winter and it fit him perfectly. It was too big for him last year but seemed to be the most perfect fit on Saturday. :) Ryan has lost two of his cold weather hats already this fall thanks to throwing them out of the stroller or shopping cart when Mommy wasn't looking. And the one I bought him last week was too snug. Thankfully, the hat from last year was knit by hand and VERY stretchy and worked perfectly as well. Now it is time for me to invest in some snow pants and snow boots!!!

He thought is was SO much fun...

Ohhh -- throwing snowballs at Mommy is FUN!

Another thing I need to buy --- a sled! We have a fantastic hill behind our house that Ryan and Owen would love to sled down in the future! I found a diaper box and decided to try that out. Jeff didn't think it would work, but Ryan had a BLAST!

Laughing at Daddy who was shaking the snow off of the tree branches...

Attempted to make a snow angel...but Ryan wasn't having it.
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Jeff had fun making one though..

This stuff is neat..

Love this one!!!!

Ryan has been running to the windows every time he wakes up, even from his naps. He wants to see if the snow is still out there or not. It is very cute! :)

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Ashley said...

Precious! And I love the new photo in the blog header. You are so photogenic - probably helps that you're SO GORGEOUS! The whole family looks so great and SO HAPPY!! :) I can't imagine having snow like that - I have been complaining about the 40 degree weather in Dallas...I wouldn't survive up there! Happy Holidays! LOVE THE BLOG!