Monday, December 14, 2009

21 Months

Happy 21-month birthday, Ryan!!!

In the past month you have become such a busy little boy that you refuse to sit still and have a picture taken. You are constantly on the go and exploring. In fact, when Mommy pulls out the camera you typically try to either put the lens cap back on the camera or try to run around behind the camera to see Ryan or the "baby".

You are such a smart little boy. You are using more phrases every day. You like to pretend different objects are phones. You put the phone to your ear and say the following, "Hello, hello, who is it, where are you, bye." You know how to count to three and know when to throw in a few other numbers like five, eight and nine. You know so many letters, know most shapes and colors too (although you confuse blue and purple). I have never heard a toddler say "yellow" as clearly as you are able to say it. Every morning after breakfast you like to get out your little broom and help me sweep the floors. You are such a wonderful little helper.

For some reason you seem to enjoy time out or "mime out". When it is time for "mime out" you run to the spot and sit happily for your one minute. Then you get very excited to give us a big hug and kiss when time out is over.

This past month you also made mommy's face turn red at Target. We were shopping and I let you hold on to the bag of goldfish. You started yelling out your word for fish which happens to be a four letter word starting with s. You were so excited about your fish and letting everyone around us know your excitement as well.

My favorite thing from this month has been seeing how sweet you truly are. You love to give Mommy hugs and kisses. Every time you give me hugs you say "awww sweet" in the most precious little voice. You bring tears to my eyes when you give Daddy, Owen and your toys hugs.

Oh and your hair is getting very long. I think it is time for a trim!!!

Love you little man,

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