Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookie Decorating

Yesterday we went to our local Panera Bread for a cookie decorating activity. I had expectations of Ryan not sitting still and running around like a mad man the entire time. I think the fact that there were some older kids there as well really helped him to understand he needed to sit. They gave all of the kids chef hats to decorate as well as an apron to wear (we did not do the apron thing though). After the hats were decorated, the kids got instructions from the Panera instructor and then were given gingerbread men with a tube of frosting, a container of sprinkles and a container of M&Ms and raisins.

Ryan helped me put the sprinkles onto the gingerbread man and also helped me give him eyes, a nose and mouth. After his face was done Ryan discovered that sprinkles were tasty. His favorite were the yellow ones. He kept saying yum yum over and over and over. Then he figured out that the little black things were actually tiny raisins. Raisins that tasted super yummy when they had icing on them!

Overall the cookie decorating was a big hit and we plan to do it again when they do Valentine's cookies!

Nope...not gonna wear the hat.

Carefully choosing what to taste next..

He had several sprinkles stuck to his face...

So I tried the hat again when he was distracted by the tasty sprinkles and raisins...

The finished product...

Oh and I can't forget to mention Owen. Owen is getting SO big! There was a lady at the cookie decorating that just had a baby girl. Her little girl was a month old yesterday and she could not believe how much bigger Owen was! She kept saying things my baby is going to be big like that in just a couple of weeks?!

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