Monday, December 7, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

On Saturday one of the Moms from my Mom's Group hosted a breakfast with Santa party at her gorgeous house. It was so funny to see how all the different kids reacted to the jolly, bearded man. Ryan could have cared less. He didn't really even pay Santa any attention at all. There was a small table in the "food room" that was in Ryan's reach. It was loaded with muffins and breads --- aka "cake" -- and a big fruit bowl. Ryan only cared about sneaking to that table and trying to help himself.

Santa coming down the stairs --- Ryan was more interested in his kiwi. I am sure he was thinking --- "I better eat this quick before that guy comes and tries to get it"

Taking a break from the eating to play with his buddies -- he looks so grown up here.

Another picture of my big boy..
Family least Jeff and I look good. :)

Still not wanting to have a picture made...

Getting better...

Well 3 out of 4 looking at the camera will just have to do for now..

Ryan and Santa -- Ryan just wanted to get down and get back to the food...LOL

No seriously --- I want down.

Hey Santa -- for Christmas I want you to put me DOWN!

Mommy and Owen..

It was SNOWING all day on our Santa fun!

Getting ready to get back out in the snow..

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