Monday, August 31, 2009

Ryan's First Hair Cut!!!

After a couple of weeks of debate, Jeff and I finally decided to take Ryan in for his very first hair cut. Ryan didn't have a TON of hair (especially on the front) but the back was getting really long, unruly and scraggly. We decided to take him to a local barber shop where Jeff gets his hair cut. The barbers were so excited to see a little boy come running into the shop. To say Ryan hated the cape they tried to get him to wear would be an understatement. After about 20 seconds he started crying so I decided to take his cape off and hold him instead. Ryan was given his first ever lollipop, which he devoured, and quickly forgot about being upset.

I didn't really get a good shot of the back of his hair afterwards, but it looks great!! He looks cleaned up and his hair doesn't get as out of control any more.

They cannot be serious, I will not wear this...

Ok that lollipop is yummy...I think I can handle this..

Mommy looks nervous in this shot...

Not sure how I feel about that place..

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Penni said...

I think our guys look super.