Monday, July 13, 2009

R is for Reston Zoo

While Nana and Papa were in town we made a trip down to the Reston Zoo.  Ryan was curious and enjoyed looking at some of the animals there.  We bought a bottle to feed a lamb.  The only problem was we (all 4 adults) had no idea what a lamb actually looked like.  We could not tell the difference between the baby lambs and baby goats (I believe they are called kids).  We ended up just feeding the bottle to whatever animal wanted it.  LOL  

All was going well at the zoo until we went into the area with all of the sheep and goats.  Jeff was holding Ryan when a goat got somewhat close to them, stuck his big tongue out and gave the loudest goat "maaaaaa" ever.  Ryan immediately began screaming in terror --- I probably would have done the same.  Once we calmed him down we resumed our trip around the zoo.  

Monkey-ing around...

Silly looking duck with quite the hairdo...

Looking at the bunnies...

right before the goat incident..

Riding the wagon - we saw camels, zebras, ostriches, and a whole bunch of other animals that I cannot recall right now.  Ryan does not look entertained. 

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