Friday, July 10, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Life as a Stay-at-Home-Mom is totally different than what I ever imagined.  I think I was delusional before I actually became a mom.  I actually am just now sitting down for the first time today and it is almost 1pm.  Between playing at the park, running errands, cooking, laundry and a bit of tidying up around the house I have not had time to sit!  I have a lot of blogging to do but I don't really have the time right now to upload any pictures.  

Confessions - 
  • I haven't taken a "belly shot" since I was 18 weeks pregnant!  When I was pregnant with Ryan I took one every single week.  
  • I haven't taken any pictures of Ryan this week at all (well one with my cell phone), but I did take a couple of videos.  
  • We haven't really started to prepare for B2's arrival, we have not purchased one thing for him yet. 
  • We still haven't decided on his name.  (we do have a front-runner though)
  • Our to-do list seems to just get bigger and bigger every day which kind of stresses me out. 
  • The weather here has been GORGEOUS the past few weeks so I really don't care that my to-do list just keeps growing.  I am enjoying getting outside and running around with Ryan daily.  We are having the most wonderful time ever.  I never imagined playing with a water hose could be so much fun.  I never knew how much I would enjoy life through the eyes of my son.  I never knew that I would get teary-eyed by hearing my son say a single word, discover something new or laugh uncontrollably.  I have been enjoying every moment with Ryan because in just a few short months we will have another little boy in our lives. 
  • I am beyond excited to have another little boy to love!!!  
Ryan is up and giggling in his crib.  Time for lunch then we are headed outside to enjoy this beautiful day.  Pictures and more blogs coming --- sometime soon, hopefully.  :) 

God Bless!!!

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TurtlesButterfly said...

Shannon don't stress too much over the fact that there are all these things "to do" and the fact you haven't been as focused on belly pics. You weren't chasing after a 1yr old when you were pregnant with Ryan. Everything will come together in time for B2. Then you can stress about spending enough time with each child, lol. (I know it really isn't funny.)