Tuesday, July 14, 2009

16 Months!

This month has been such a big month for Ryan.  Jeff and I have been amazed at the changes we have seen in Ryan in such a short period of time.  He is such a smart little boy!  This month Ryan has started running -- the fun has really begun now.  He has also started climbing onto pretty much anything.  He has gotten 4 more teeth, changed his schedule to where he only takes one nap per day and grown lots of new hair (he is still pretty bald though)!!  

Ryan's vocabulary is also picking up.  He is learning new words all of the time.  He will repeat pretty much anything that we say.  He knows lots of body parts including his teeth, eyes, ears, head, toes, nose and belly button.  He seems to learn words and animal sounds after hearing them just a couple of times.  I was keeping track of his words but not anymore as he seems to be adding something every other day or so.  He LOVES to say hi to just about anyone.  He is such a friendly and outgoing little boy.  He is a people person and is not scared of anything (except the vacuum cleaner) or anyone. 

I love watching his personality develop.  Ryan is independent and likes to do things on his own but at the same time he loves getting hugs from his Mommy and Daddy.  Ryan is very smart.  He loves to figure out how things operate.  He has successfully unbuckled his car seat twice in the past 2 weeks and he has also figured out our child-safety locks in the kitchen!  He is somewhat impatient and seems to get frustrated when he can't quite get a toy to do exactly what he wants it to do.  

Such a handsome boy..

Telling me that Santa says Ho, Ho, Ho! 



Transcendent said...

Such a great milestone! I love the post.

Penni said...

Oh my gosh, his little smiles with those teeth showing, so cute. Miss you Ryan, love Nana.