Monday, February 2, 2009

My First Boo-Boo...

Well, I knew it would happen eventually but here is the story of Ryan's first boo-boo, according to Ryan. 

Mommy calls me her little explorer.  When I get going on my expeditions, she usually has to stop me from doing something to tell me no-no and that I could get hurt.  I can't help it.  I want to climb stairs, I want to climb book cases, I want to shake lamps and I want to grab anything I can get my hands on.  Well today I was busy reaching up as high as I possibly could on the book shelf and felt something.  I stretched as high as I could and managed to pull down a picture frame right on my face.  Ouch it hurt.  Then I lost my balance and bumped my head on the book case.  Mommy was running trying to grab the picture before it hit my head but she wasn't fast enough.  Mommy gave me lots of cuddles and made sure that I was alright.  I was fine because I am a big boy and big boys are tough!  I was back to my exploring ways just a few moments after getting my first scrape and bruise ever.  

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