Tuesday, February 17, 2009

11 Months (and 3 days)

In less than one month I will have a one year-old.  No longer will I have a baby or infant; I will have a toddler.  It is incredible to me how fast he is growing up and how quickly he is learning about the world.  

I am not sure if Ryan will or will not be walking by the time he is one.  Some days I think he is really close and other days he seems to be content crawling around the floor.  He is getting very good at standing on his own and cruises around the furniture all day long.  I am excited about Ryan learning to walk and taking his first step, but I do not want to rush it.  I want him to stay a baby for as long as possible!  I would be a little excited if he decided not to walk for another month or two.  :)

Ryan still does not have any teeth.  It is funny to me because I could have sworn he was teething at 5 months, then again at numerous different times throughout the past 11 months.  Alas he still has no teeth.  It is precious to see his big gummy smile though.  I can't imagine how grown up he will look once he does actually get a tooth.  

Look Ma, I can push this thing and walk with just one hand!  

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