Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life as a Stay at Home Mommy

This is the week that I was officially supposed to return to work.  I really think it would have been one of the hardest things I could have ever done.  I know that if I had to do it, I could, but I am very happy with the decision we made.  

Ryan is not on a real schedule yet.  I am not upset about that either.  I can't expect a two month old to be ready for that.  I just don't see how other people, working moms especially, find time to do it all.  By the time I have done a couple of things around the house (laundry and dishes), found a few minutes to brush my teeth and possibly take a shower, Jeff is home.  I guess my point is that whether you work, stay at home or whatever, time just goes by too fast.  It seems like the minutes just fly by.  Ryan needs me a lot.  I love the fact that he needs me too.  He does not seem to like taking naps during the day though which means that I am almost always trying to do something while holding him.  

I am trying to soak up every moment of all of this.  I know that all too soon Ryan won't need his Mommy near as much.  

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Ryan.  He looks so innocent.  I have become one of those people that always has a camera in my hand.  I am always looking for the perfect Kodak moment.  

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