Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Our trip to visit our friends and family in Texas was wonderful!  I have always been a somewhat nervous flyer myself (maybe due to the fact that I did not fly for the first time until I was 18), but I knew that in order for things to go well for Ryan I would have to be calm.  It was our lucky day at the airport I suppose...both coming and going.  The lines for security were quick and we had no delays!  Ryan did so great on both flights.  He slept the majority of the time, which I was quite happy about.  It looks like our next airplane ride won't be until August.  I hope Ryan enjoys it as much as he seemed to this past week. 

We had a lovely time in Texas.  He loved staying at Aunt Jenn and Uncle Alex's new house, seeing his Uncle B for the first time ever and meeting the rest of his extended family.  Ryan was spoiled by all of his Grandparents.  He was also able to meet SIX of his Great-Grandparents and his Great Great Grandmother!  WOW!!  

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