Monday, May 5, 2008

Adventures of a 7 week old!

Ryan is 7 weeks old!  I cannot believe how fast this is going by.  I looked at some of his pictures from when he was  born and I cannot believe how big he is already. 

Friday evening we went out for our nightly walk and found a small block party at the end of our street.  The neighbors were all out with their little ones.  Having a baby is an instant conversation starter it seems.  Jeff and I were able to meet several of our neighbors that we had not spoken to before and we found lots of new playmates for Ryan!  

Saturday was Ryan's first trip to the park.   It was a beautiful spring day and the park was in full bloom.  We thought we would be able to get some great pictures of our little family.  Ryan decided to sleep instead though.  My philosophy is to never wake a sleeping baby, so we just let him sleep.  Of course Ryan woke up about 20 minutes after we left.  

On Sunday Jeff's co-workers held a Welcome Baby Ryan party.  Ryan got to meet some of the people that Daddy works with and was given tons of great gifts.  We are restocked with diapers and wipes (woohoo) and we received lots of great baby toys.

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