Friday, January 4, 2013

Jan 3rd

Yesterday Little Brother toted around a Gymboree sack for hours.  It was his "shopping bag".  He would grab Sister's baby and stroller and zip around the house shopping at various locations, adding to his bag along the way.  Him "shopping" around the house yesterday made me realize even more that my kids are always watching everything I do.  They are seeing it all and taking it all in...the good, the not so good, they are learning and everything that we do is shaping who they will become.  
Time to go shopping!

and a bit later, this common occurrence.  Little Sister is a CLIMBER.  I never believed people that told me their child climbed everything.  How?  She does.  She climbs on top of the kitchen table, the counter, the toilet, the bunk beds...everything.  She is quick.  She is agile.  She is determined.  Oh and she didn't use anything for a boost to get over that couch.  She just wanted to get over it and she did.

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