Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flashback - 1st Day of School 2012

Wow the shorts and flip-flops in these pictures make me miss the warm weather!  The boys were SO excited to start back to school this past fall.  Big Brother was starting Pre-K and his 3rd year at his school.  Several of his classmates have been with him throughout each preschool class.  He attends school 4 days a week this year for a few hours each day.  I have realized with him gone 4 mornings that I am going to be an emotional mess when he is gone to school every single day.  He likes to remind me almost daily that he will ride the big bus to school next year to Kindergarden.  Slow down time. Slow down! 

Little Brother absolutely loves school.  He adores his teachers.  I think that he would probably bring them home if he could.  He has made friends with everyone in his class (he is obviously my outgoing, social one).  He had a girlfriend after the first day.  Here we are 5 months later and the little girl's Dad came up and introduced himself to me one day as his daughter talks about Little Bro all the time! ha!!!  With the boys current career aspirations, it looks like college may not be in the cards.  ;)

This was the 3rd day for Big brother and the first full day for Little. 

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