Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flashback - Dutch Wonderland

This past summer we decided to take a trip up to Dutch Wonderland on a total whim.  The Mr.'s Parents were in town visiting and we thought it would be fun to go do something special with the kiddos.  Luckily, the hotel our kids love had availability!  We loaded up the van and hit the road.  The kids had a fantastic time.  The boys were mostly interested in the water park and riding a handful of rides.  Little Brother got his face painted to look like Batman.  He was so excited about getting his face painted and sat so, so still the entire time.  

next time we go this little man will likely be in the yellow! He has grown SO much! 

he loved the bumper cars, little brother did not. He cried "people are mean!!!!" over and over.

their bond is so special.  love love love 

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