Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Poor Blog

Wow.  I just realized that I have not posted on the blog in over a month!!  A lot has happened around here this past month.

This little girl turned 8 months old.

and she outgrew the baby bathtub!

sweet little sleepy girl!

on her 8 month birthday, she decided to actually start eating food.  She LOVES food now!

we celebrated Mother's Day

and it was great!! (probably the best one yet)

this little gal got lots and lots of loving from her brothers.  She loves every second of it!

I caught some sweet moments like this

I took this sweet boy on a lunch date! It is so fun to just take one child out for a change!

he still makes me laugh...one second

2.5 seconds later

she loves the park...and is happy as can be anytime we are outside!

he became all grown up.  good luck getting him off of the big boy swing now. 

they are too cool for school. 

he also got a day out with dad at the fire station

cotton candy -- makes a 4 year-old happy!!

riding on top of the fire truck is probably the coolest thing in the world to him! 

we re-sodded the back yard.  We have help with mowing too! 

lil lefty batting without the tee!

pretty pretty princess

first time at the pool -- she LOVED it. 

we got this fancy thing for the kids.  They love it and use it daily.  Get one! 

someone turned 9 months old and got one step closer to walking!!!

my pool boys LOVE the pool! 

seriously, stop growing so fast!

my big boy finished his 2nd year of preschool.  I can't believe next year both boys will attend!

she tried Chipotle and loved it. 

preschool promotion day! 

he loves that phone!  He takes it everywhere and won't sleep without it. 

more pool time! 

he got the tummy bug.  :(  heart breaking

but lots of sleep made him so much better!!

and I make her do silly stuff.  :) 

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