Monday, June 18, 2012

First Swim of the Summer

On Memorial Day weekend our community pool opened.  We got everyone ready (which takes forever when you have 3 little bodies to sunblock from head to toe), got our bags packed (you need about 3 huge bags full for the pool, towels, toys, floats, diapers, etc) and headed down to the pool.  The boys were SO excited.  Ryan loves every second of being in the water.  Owen is still trying to figure it out.  It is so funny to me that he is cautious in the water.  He is a daredevil when it comes to everything and he is so outgoing but when it comes to the pool, he is really timid.  I was expecting the worst from Emily.  She has never really cared one way or the other about the bath and she isn't a huge fan of cold water so I thought the pool could go horribly wrong.  Much to my surprise she LOVED it.  She didn't get mad until it was time to get out.  She discovered a love for the water and has really gotten into bathing as a result.  She will crawl into the bathroom and go to the tub, pull up and start squealing and jumping up and down when she wants to play in the water now.  Her little personality grows every single day.  :) 

all smiles the whole time!!

curled baby toes!!!  love. :) 

water fight with dad

not too sure...

put me down!

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