Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Solid Food

We started little miss on solid food around 6.5 months.  She had been acting interested for quite a long time and we finally decided it was time to get our act together and let her try it out.  We should have known that little miss particular would not love the baby food.  Typically the moment you sit her in the chair and she sees what you are doing, she gets excited!  You load up your spoon and before you can even get it close to her mouth she has grabbed it.  You realize that you are going to need a second spoon because there is not a chance that you are getting the one she took back.  The second attempt at a bite of food hits her tongue.  She swirls it around in her mouth for a moment or two and then spits it out.  After a few minutes, her bib, her hands, her face, her outfit and the high chair are covered in blobs of spit out food.  She does like to feed herself Gerber puffs and Cheerios.  We have tried tiny dices of other foods (apples, bananas, sweet potatoes to name a few) and she spits those out too.  One day she will eat, for now it is more fun to spit and watch Mommy or Daddy clean.  

hello sweet baby toes! 

i don't think so

I love how she looks at her daddy.  So sweet! 

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