Monday, April 23, 2012

Tea Time

Little Sister got this tea set for Christmas and the boys love it!  They have played with it almost daily for the past month.  They like to have little tea parties and practice pouring their drinks.  It is fun to watch them interact with each other and absolutely impossible to turn down an invitation when one of these little men invite you to join them for a tea party.  Today I decided to put something special in real coffee cups for a change.  They thought it was such a treat and really enjoyed it!  Next time I will make them special little sandwiches and cookies.  :)  I think I might have to get little sis another tea pot since this one has been claimed by the boys! 

cheers - a toast between brothers

Here, have a treat.  Just don't ask for the triangle one with sprinkles.  That one is his and he doesn't like to share it.  Ever. 


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