Friday, April 13, 2012


Sweet little girl, you are seven months old!  This past month was a big month for you.  HUGE!  This month you got your first two teeth.  I was shocked when they popped up.  Your brothers got their teeth around 1 year and I wasn't expecting you to get any teeth for quite a while.  Then one morning you bit my thumb and I noticed a little tooth sprouting.  A few days later a second tooth started working its way in.

little lamb, I love you so..

Another big thing for you this past month was crawling.  Baby girl you love to move!!!  You started off with a worm move and that quickly progressed into army crawling.  You learned how to get around the room to just about anything in a flash.  I love watching the look of focus and determination on your face as you try to get to a different thing or person across the room.  Typically you are trying to crawl towards a ball.  You love, love to play with balls.  If you aren't focusing in on a ball then you are focusing on a stuffed animal or baby.  You love your babies!  

We finally got around to starting you on solid food this past month, too.  I will say you are not a fan.  We started with rice cereal, you spit it out.  Then we tried bananas, you spit them out too.  Next up, sweet potatoes and yes, you spit them out too!  After a few more failed attempts I decided to put away the solids and try again in a couple weeks.  We will see if you decide you like them a little more next time.  While you may not be too interested in solid food yet, you love spoons and you love putting just about everything else in the world into your mouth!

Next up, sleep.  Your schedule became more predictable this month.  You took three naps a day (with the last one being just a tiny cat nap).  Night time became more challenging this month.  You started a not-so-fun habit of waking up every 2-3 hours and the only thing that will make you stop crying and go back to sleep is nursing.  You didn't even wake up that much at night as a newborn.  We are working on the sleep thing and will get it all figured out soon enough!!

your sweet little pouty face..

love baby toes!!!!!

Your little personality is such a wonderful addition to our family!  When you are awake, you are usually the happiest little girl around.  You love your brothers so much and you are always very interested in anything they are doing.  Sweet girl, you are so blessed with two brothers who love you so much!  Every single day they shower you with hugs and kisses.  They bring you toys, they run to your side if you let out the slightest little whimper.  They treat you like a little princess and it fills my heart with joy to watch the three of you together.  You are content to sit and play with an animal or ball for the longest time. You light up when your brothers talk to you and you get so very excited each day when Daddy walks in the front door.

Your smile is infectious sweet girl.  I love that your right eye squints more than your left when you get really excited.  I love that I see two tiny little baby teeth in your big, huge grin.  I love how you always manage to work your tongue into your smiles.  I love your sweet little chuckle and treasure every laugh you give us.  You are not really a laugher and we have to really work to get those big belly laughs out of you Little Miss.

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Jenny said...

She is so precious, Shannon! I love reading about her and the boys. You are such an amazing mommy! They are lucky to have you!