Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our Week...through my phone

This week the weather was fantastic! The temperatures were perfect, allowing for plenty of outdoor time and plenty of picnics. I wish it could be that way all year around!

Ryan picked up this rock and exclaimed, "Mommy, it's the biggest rock I've ever seen!"

Enjoying a nice walk outside.

What better way to finish up a picnic than with oreos?

Help, I'm stuck!

After a morning walk and errands this little boy passed out in a beanbag.

After naps we made cookies!

Then went for a long walk to another playground!

of course Monkey came with us. He had a fun time!

Checking out a new playground

Got to go see a kids concert on Thursday!

I finally (after almost 3 years of owning it) plugged in my sewing machine, threaded it and attempted to sew a straight line. Need a little more practice. lol

and then went to the playground again after naps.

Friday we had to go get a Father's Day gift then hit up yet another playground. Looks like someone was having a great time!

Later we went to our neighborhood playground again..

last week Owen finally discovered that he REALLY loved the slides. Up until last week we practically had to force him to go down. This week he progressed to the twisty slide. He LOVES it. Even more fun than going down is climbing up!

Decided that the double jogger is easier to use than the wagon. Even though it is HEAVY!!! The stroller = at LEAST 35 pounds, Ryan = 35 pounds, Owen = 28 pounds. Ummm that is a lot of weight to be pushing around!!! But easier to push it than to pull it in a wagon!

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