Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Solid Foods

Owen has been eating solid (well pureed) food for a little while now. We started him on rice cereal around 5 and a half months. He was not interested at all so we just held off. In the past few weeks he has decided that food is good! He finishes off everything we give him now and he would probably even take more if it were offered. At first he didn't seem to like anything and made a "what the heck" face every time he took a bite. Now he seems to enjoy the food and tries to attack the spoon, whether it is peas, carrots, apples, or sweet potatoes. He really does seem to like it all.

Earlier this week we started puffs. They are similar to a Cheerio but dissolve even faster. It takes some serious concentration on his part, but he can get those little things into his mouth.

I have some great pictures of Owen eating peas but I cannot find them. :(

(isn't he the cutest????)

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