Monday, May 31, 2010

Owen's First Swim!

Yesterday we discovered some unfortunate news after we had both boys all dressed and ready to go to our community pool. It was broken. We had put up our little blow up pool the day before and both boys played in it instead and had a great time. Owen loved the pool. He was just taking it all in and played for at least 45 minutes. Ryan loved splashing all of us.

I was attempting and failing at capturing a picture of all 3 Abbott boys. Finally I resorted to bribery in the form of a lollipop. Ryan was much more cooperative once he had a delicious pop.

This is delicious...

What do you mean I don't get one?

I was trying to get Ryan to look at the camera


Penni said...

great pics.

Penni said...

i recognized Ryan and Owen, but who was that big kid? A neighbor?