Monday, April 20, 2009

Curb Appeal...

This post is nothing to do with Ryan our B2....but all to do with home improvement.  Last summer we had some repairs done to our front bay window.  Since it was too late in the season to plant anything for the past 9 or so months our landscaping has been completely lack luster.  On Saturday we went shopping for plants.  I had some idea or vision of what I wanted the garden to look like.  Jeff was a bit skeptical of my "vision".  

We were going to plant the garden as a family but after seeing a few of the insects in the flower bed, Jeff quickly decided he would do the planting alone.  Ryan and I supervised from the sidewalk and played with his outdoor toys.  

Here is an example of the finished product.  The plants are a bit smaller than I had in mind, but they will grow given the proper TLC. 

Please disregard the grass...that is our next project.  

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