Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We had our 1st trimester ultrasound today and got to see B2 moving all around!!  B2 would not be still.  The technician had a very hard time getting a good picture because B2 was kicking, waving, bouncing and flipping all over the place.  You would have thought I drank 8 Red Bulls today...but I didn't.  :)  

B2 is measuring well and looks great!  According to B2's measurements we are now due on 10/31 but will still be induced approximately one week early.  B2 has a very strong heart rate at 170 beats per minute.  There is an old wives tale about heart rates and gender.  Ryan's heart rate never got out of the 160s.  They say girls heart rates are typically higher.  Who knows for sure though.  

We go back for our next ultrasound in 7 weeks on June 8th.  We may or may not find out if we are having a boy or girl then.  We have time to decide.  :) 

The blob at the top is a hand...B2 was waving. 

In case you are wondering...that is the leg tucked under the baby, not boy parts. 

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