Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Horrible Blogger

Ok -- so I am a terrible blogger.  I have a bunch of things that I do not want to forget so here goes..

We often ask the kids what was the best part of their day.  R recently told me, "Well that's easy, just like every day.  The best part was when we were at home and I got to spend time with you."  My heart melted. 

O - calls the UPS truck the UP-Mess truck.  I love it. 

E - potty trained in December and it was pretty much the easiest thing ever.  Thank goodness she came after the boys or I would have been wondering what in the world was wrong with the boys! ha!

R - has been in occupational therapy for fine and gross motor skills since the beginning of September.  His progress has been really incredible.   He loves to draw pictures now, mostly just cards and things for me (he is the sweetest).   Kindergarten is going really great for him.  His teacher is awesome, his school is great as well!  He is really becoming a good little swimmer, he is starting to take more responsibility and initiative around the house.  He could live off grilled cheese and fruit..with a side of carrot sticks and broccoli.  His favorite toys are anything electronic, Legos, science stuff, drawing stuff and anything outdoorsy (sports equipment, exploring equipment).  He is so much like Jeff in many ways.  He loves to cuddle and loves his little stuffed monkey, George. 

O - loves his preschool class and teachers.  He is the most emotional of my kids and is either super happy or super unhappy most of the time.  He is in a phase now where he wants to choose everything.  By that I really do mean everything.  He wants to choose my coffee cup each morning, my clothes, his brother's underpants, his brother's socks, all of the groceries, the parking space in a parking lot, our next house…you get the idea.  We are currently learning that it is ok for him to make some choices but every choice for everyone else.  ;)  Another of his favorites is being my personal trainer.  He encourages me to exercise every day and asks if we are going to the gym or doing movies at home.  If we are doing movies, he wants to pick them (of course) and always tries to sneak in a second workout.  He loves to wrestle, loves to try and get under his brother and sister's skin, but at the same time his love for them is fierce.  He loves to play, has an incredible imagination, loves Legos, needs lots of attention, has a never ending appetite and has almost caught up to his brother in height (there is maybe an inch separating them today).  He is like me in a lot of ways -- except I don't think I do the tantrum thing (usually).  

E - this girl is growing way too fast.  She is so sweet and loving during the day.  She is really just in a pretty great stage right now.  She loves to do whatever I am doing, working out with me, cooking dinner, shopping, taking pictures, etc.  She is very in to pretend play and loves to be a Doc McStuffins or a chef the most.  She loves Sofia the First and the color pink.  She is particular.  She only likes to wear bows to bed.  Really, she will scream in her bed for a bow if you forget to give her one.  She has an outstanding vocabulary and can carry on quite the conversation.  At night…well let's just suffice it to say that she does not like to go to bed at night and lots of nights there are lots of tears and screams.  It does seem to be improving but we still have the occasional (a few times a week) difficult time.  She likes to dance, is fearless, strong-willed, determined and loves sneaking up on you to give you the biggest, strongest hug and kiss ever.  She loves to build..blocks, legos, anything.  She loves to draw and color.  She loves her brothers so, so much and really looks up to them.  

Hopefully I can start doing a better job of keeping up with this blog.   Each week of this year I have been adding in something positive.  One week it was doing daily Bible studies, another week drinking more water, another week cutting out sugar, another week starting at the gym…so far so good!! I am keeping the changes I made the week before and hoping to make this year and the future better and better!  

Until next time! 

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