Monday, September 30, 2013

Oh Yesterday...

Yesterday was not fun.  Two kids woke up sick...with different things going on.  Owen has a big deal, kids get them all the time.  Ryan had a fever...a nice high fever, especially for a kid who never ever has a fever.  He also was complaining that his belly hurt around his belly button, a lot.  I gave him meds and they did nothing.  Nothing at all.  Fever went higher.  I called the doctor and she basically told me to take him to urgent care for a strep test.  So I did.  It was negative.  Did I mention I had all 3 kids with me?  Yeah, and no iPad, coloring, or anything at all to entertain them -- oh and they had not had a snack -- oh and it was 4pm.  So then they do blood work.  The doctor tells me I need to get to the ER, they are concerned about his appendix.

A great friend meets me at the ER to take the other two kiddos and Ryan and I wait around for a bit.  Finally, we are seen and they do their thing there, he goes for an ultrasound, check his urine, review blood work, etc and finally we are released with a diagnosis of some sort of virus.  Thanks urgent care for scaring the crap out of me.

Oh and did I mention that my Mother-in-law had a stroke this week?  She is better now, thank goodness!  Did I also mention that my 91 year-old grandmother also had a stroke this week?  She is still in the hospital recovering.  Oh and her house was robbed.  Seriously, this week is nearly enough to push a person over the edge.

I honestly do not remember the last time this happened.


While I was helping with keeping Ryan entertained while they drew his blood, Owen snapped 178 pictures of my butt.  Thanks kid.

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