Saturday, November 28, 2009

One Month!!!

Owen is now one month old! It has gone by super duper fast too. Ryan loves having a little brother around. When people come over to the house Ryan always makes sure they know "O-o" as he calls him. Owen is more alert every single day. He is sleeping great a night and is very content. He only gets upset when he is hungry or has gas, other than that he is the most mellow little guy around.

I had planned on putting Owen into the same outfit that Ryan wore when he was one month old. When I grabbed the outfit, I thought for sure it would fit Owen, but as I tried dressing him I quickly realized that it was not going to come close. The overalls would not snap at the top and the pants were about mid-shin level on him. Needless to say Owen is much longer than Ryan was at the same age --- that or the outfit shrunk a ton. So these bath time pictures will have to suffice for Owen's one month picture. Owen really enjoys bath time. He is very alert and very relaxed the entire time.

Little stinker sticking out his tongue..

I am so sad that this picture is blurry...first smile on camera!

Ryan at one month (his hair was all falling out by this time)

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