Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Tree

This weekend we decided to get out all of our Christmas decorations and have Ryan help us put them out. We decided to purchase some plastic balls for our tree this year so that in case Ryan decided to mess with the tree we would not have to worry about our delicate ornaments. It was a good call as he is in LOVE with the tree.

Ryan enjoyed helping us put the lights and ornament balls onto the tree. He seemed to enjoy taking them off of the tree as fast as he was putting them on too though. We tried really hard to get him to understand that we don't touch the ornaments once they are on the tree, he is getting better at understanding this concept.

Ryan's favorite thing to do now is to walk around the tree pointing out the lights, ornaments (and telling us what color they are and if they are a ball or Santa or whatever) and then finally pointing out the star on top.

Ohhh the tree is so pretty from up high...

Deciding where to put his ornament "up high"

Got another one Daddy...

I did it!

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Penni said...

That is so cute the way y'all had him do it. A very good lesson in tree decorating 101