Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

It may sound a bit self-centered to write a blog about my birthday as I am the author of this blog.  However -- this birthday was special!  It was my very first birthday as a Mommy.  I am certain that it was the most wonderful birthday ever.  Not only did I have two wonderful men to spend my day with, the weather was fantastic, and tonight is daylight savings time --- more daylight!! YAY!!  Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy day.  It was truly special!! 

My day started off with a fabulous surprise from Jeff and Ryan.....

I have been wanting this camera for a long time but could never justify the expense.  Thank you SO much Jeff!!! 

Then we ventured out to enjoy the beautiful day.  We decided today was the perfect day to begin our new ABC adventures (blog and pictures to follow).  We are SO excited about the ABC adventures and may actually try it in the future if this year goes well.  

Shortly after our return home, we were greeted at the door with this...(Thank you Penni & Paul)

Ryan loved the fruit...

Thanks for the yummy fruit!!!

Oh and because my new camera just plain ROCKS!! Baby feet...(fyi --- not my hairy leg) LOL

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