Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun with food...

It is no secret, Ryan loves to eat.  Lately he has started to become upset if we are eating and he is not.  Even if he just finished his own food.  Ryan is constantly after our plates, coffee cups or anything else he can get his hands on.  Usually Ryan is a pretty neat eater.  He gets 97% of the food in his mouth.  Some nights though he makes a huge mess and has fun in the process.  The past couple of weeks we have started introducing Ryan to all kinds of new foods.  Some have really surprised us (either with him liking or not liking them).  

A few of Ryan's new foods...
broccoli --- he LOVES it.  
black olive --- he loved it too.
pita bread with hummus - you guessed it, he loved that as well. 
lima beans - he spits them out.  (It's ok because Mommy hates lima beans too!)
egg yolks - won't even touch them (again..Mommy thinks the yolks are gross too!)
black eyed peas - LOVES them

Below are a few things that we have let Ryan taste.  Surprisingly (or not so much) he gobbled everything right up! 
Vanilla pudding
Chicken Parmesan 
Cookies & Cream Ice Cream (he actually got mad because Jeff only let him have 2 tiny tastes) 

Enjoy a couple pictures of Ryan making a HUGE mess with his rice..

He was having so much fun that he started clapping and saying what sounded like Yay!  

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