Saturday, March 7, 2009

The adventure begins...Letter F!

F is for Farm!  

Since today was such a beautiful day we decided to head down to a local farm.  They had a few animals that recently had babies!  Jeff and I know that as Ryan grows he will enjoy the farm even more.  Ryan seemed fascinated with the sheep.  He also really enjoyed checking out the cows.  In another month there will be piglets out running around at the farm.  We had so much fun today!!  

Our picnic lunch..

Daddy...where are these animals you were talking about??

Checking out the sheep!  They are funny looking...

The mommy sheep with her lamb..

Deep in thought watching a horse..

Talking about cows with Daddy..

One letter down, 25 to go! 

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Penni said...

Awesome detail with the new camera. I absolutely love the B&W.