Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a HOOT!.

Ryan's other costume was an Owl.  We originally wanted him to be a scarecrow but to our disappointment the costume was sold out.  We did not go trick or treating this year but instead went with the Powell Family to a local Halloween Parade.  The babies were very interested in the parade and enjoyed watching all of the little kids catch candy.  They also got to meet a few local politicians and even saw some people that looked like Obama and McCain.  

Our trial run with the costume (I think he likes it)....

On to the Halloween Parade.  Ryan was fascinated by the Fire Trucks and floats with lights.  It was almost impossible to get him to look at us to take a picture because there were so many people and things more interesting than Mom & Dad.  

Watching the fire trucks..

Ryan's first piece of candy, interestingly enough, a Baby Ruth.  Don't worry...Jeff ate it.  

Our wise little owl..

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