Monday, November 17, 2008

Future Policeman?

When Ryan was a couple months old Jeff and I found this police motorcycle at a yard sale for $3.  We knew that one day he would love playing with it.  This weekend we finally put the batteries in it and let him go to town.  Ryan wasn't really too sure what to think of his police bike but liked pressing the siren.  

Officer Abbott reporting for duty...

Now which one of these keys will start this thing up?

Being a police man is cool...

and just because he's cute..

Oh and for the record...last time Dallas and the Skins played Ryan wore his Romo jersey and the Cowboys lost.  This time he wore his Skins outfit and they lost.  Oh well! :) 

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before our babies grow out of their Redskins outfit, we must take a picture of them! :)